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Membership Benefits

CPRE Warwickshire is a campaigning group and a voice for everyone who wants so save our countryside from unnecessary destruction. We want a future in which our countryside is protected and enhanced while our towns and cities are made more attractive places to live.

We are a Registered Charity whose income comes mainly from our members and supporters.

When you join CPRE Warwickshire you also automatically become a member of The Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE) nationally.

Our membership benefits include:

  • A subscription to our local Outlook magazine
  • A member’s programme of local events and outings
  • The national magazine Countryside Voice
  • Half-price or two-for-one entry to over 200 beautiful and historic English houses and gardens including Warwickshire’s very own Lord Leycester Hospital and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage
  • A choice of newsletters from CPRE’s policy teams on request
  • Access to the member’s section of the national website where you will find information and resources on campaigns
  • Access to the Planning Hotline for advice

Membership Rates

Just by becoming a member of CPRE Warwickshire, you are helping to make a crucial contribution to our many campaigns! You also gain some excellent membership benefits.

Category Recommended Minimum
Individual/household £36.00*

* Recommended minimum. If you would like to give further support to our work by paying a higher subscription, we would be very grateful. For all membership rates, it is possible to pay by a monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit.