The Warwickshire Branch thought very carefully about the priorities at the start of the twenty-first century. These thoughts have resulted in our vision of our work for the next few years.

The Warwickshire Branch of the CPRE will…

  • Remain as a watchdog of the Green Belt.
  • Challenge planning applications and development proposals to prevent suburbanisation of rural areas, but at the same time be aware of the need for appropriate small-scale residential, industrial and commercial development.
  • Lobby and campaign on such issues as traffic flow, safe country roads, speed limit and control, roadside signage clutter, provision of frequent and affordable public transport, hedgerow protection and unnecessary pollution from lighting.
  • Encourage farming to function within its own resources, being less intensive but providing a more sustainable environment.
  • Promote sustainable development and management of the rural landscape.
  • Protect areas of outstanding natural beauty and sites of special scientific interest.
  • Monitor footpaths, bridleways and rights of way to ensure unrestricted access.
  • Oppose inappropriate use of agricultural land such as large-scale business parks and craft centres.
  • Protect greenfield sites from conversion to brownfield developments (and then to housing)
  • Oppose the development and conversion of houses which destroy the character of villages and their communities.
  • Encourage the development of rural services and regulate out-of-town shopping centre construction.
  • Get our messages across to policy-makers, decision-makers and local communities and organisations.
  • Use local press, television and radio, and the Internet to bring our messages to the attention of the Warwickshire people.